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sunset kiss between Zoey and Aaron - just married

What makes us different?

My friends often tease me about where I go shopping: because they think the selection there is small, or expensive, or parking is difficult, or the floor is worn out, and I could go on. For me, there is one common factor in these places: the people. The sales assistants or owners, whom I know put their heart and soul into their work, and they are happy that I use their services. In these places, they pay attention to me and my needs, so I get exactly the service I want, which is important to me. I'm not just another customer among many, but George.


Human relationships are important to me.

Because everyone has their own story, their own experiences, and a unique, irreplaceable personality. There is nothing more exciting than listening to these stories, uncovering them, and possibly telling them to others. That's why I also love making wedding films. There is a lot of emotion, joy, excitement, bittersweet sadness, laughter, and tears all present at once.

A fantastic emotional rollercoaster on every big day, where not only the spoken words have astonishing power. The small gestures, movements, glances, and expressions are much more eloquent than a thousand words. I am there with you on that day to notice these: to build and tell the story of your day from these tiny pieces.


So that you're not just extras in a video, but protagonists in your own film.


Characters, personalities, colorful flesh-and-blood people, with strengths and weaknesses, solid resilience and vulnerability, honest emotions - in other words, full of life.

new married Rhea and Richard  with wife's parents

Let me share some of my clients' feedbacks about how they experience the above in practice
(and then I show you what the difference is between a
wedding video and a wedding film)

married couple up in a rock

(...) I may be slightly biased, but I think our wedding video is the best I’ve seen. This summer, a lot I see are just thrown together with music overtop that doesn’t really seem to fit! But your attention and care really shows, and you captured our day so beautifully, everytime I watch it I feel like I’m reliving the day. So thank you again, a million times over!

Jenna Grant

relatives of married couple

(...) The videos he created for us are so beautifully filmed and edited in a thoughtful way that reflects us so well - he captured our day perfectly! (...)

Clare Sullivan

asian original married couple

(...) We are blessed to find the Red Guy to create our wedding video. In his portfolio we encountered the most emotion in his works. George tells a story, not just a simple recap of the wedding day. He was very flexible in every aspect, enjoyable to work with, and we love every bit of the films he produced! (...)

Chris Ambe

married couple kissing with passion outside of church area

(...) The attention to detail on our highlight video is incredible, his transitions are in time with the music beats which must’ve taken so much care and attention, the end result is phenomenal. (...)

Mitchell Hancox

married couple looking each other

(...) George created the most incredible film of our wedding. He told the story of our day beautifully and we could not have wished for it to be any more perfect than it was. (...) Thank you so much George, what you have created is something we will treasure for a lifetime!! (...)

Brittany McAlister

wedding fun photo with male guests near old cars

(...) He puts in the hard mahi and is very thoughtful when it comes to details. We are very thankful for his services and are stoked that our big day was captured with such quality! (...)

Caleb Lay

married couple just before kissing each other

(...) The ceremony and reception were filmed from multiple angles to catch any moments we might have missed on the day with so much going on, and we were very grateful for that! George put in a lot of effort to capture every special moment of our day and produced a high quality video that showcased what this day really meant for us. (...)

Ané van Zyl

married couple kissing in a garden

(...) The highlight video is simply wonderful! George is a great storyteller, capturing moments that others might not even notice. Highly recommended! (...)

Rhea Cadogan

Video vs Film

(unknown videographer)


The terms wedding video and wedding film are often used interchangeably, but there are some differences between them.

Style and Approach:

A wedding video typically refers to a straightforward documentation of the wedding day events. It may include footage of the ceremony, speeches, dances, and other key moments, captured in a chronological order.

A wedding film often implies a more cinematic approach. It focuses on storytelling, emotion, and aesthetics. Wedding films are often edited to create a narrative arc, incorporating artistic shots, music, and possibly voiceovers or interviews to create a more cinematic experience.

Aesthetic Quality:

Wedding videos aim to capture the essence of the day, but they may not always prioritize artistic or cinematic quality to the same extent.

While wedding films often prioritize visual aesthetics, with attention to lighting, composition, and cinematic techniques like slow motion, creative angles, and color grading.

Audience Experience:

Wedding videos are typically more straightforward documentation intended primarily for the couple and their close friends and family.

Wedding films are often designed to evoke emotions and tell a compelling story, making them suitable for a broader audience, even those who were not present at the wedding.

In summary, while both wedding videos and wedding films capture the essence of a wedding day, wedding films tend to be more cinematic, artistic, and emotionally engaging, while wedding videos are more comprehensive in documenting the events of the day. Neither is better or worse than the other, they just work differently, use different tools, and have different goals.


Perhaps it seems like fewer people are involved in making wedding films. You'll also find videos in my portfolio because I transitioned from this direction to wedding films, aiming to convey even more message, emotion, and experience through my work.


Take a look at some of my films and decide for yourself if you like what you see! :)

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