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The story of your dream day

As a wedding videographer I believe that your wedding should reflect who you are as individuals, which is why I shoot in a candid style. This focuses on faithfully capturing real emotions and spontaneous moments, creating an authentic, emotionally rich keepsake.

I can work alongside your photographer, or if you are still looking for one, I am happy to recommend my favourites from Southland and Otago. Just let me know what your needs are, and we will find the best solution for you.

Elopement  | Wedding
videography packages

Bride and Groom Dancing

Please take a look at the services below I can provide and choose the Add-Ons that interest you the most. (In this case, you don’t need to compromise if you can’t find a service in a pre-designed package.) If you are still looking for something that isn't mentioned below, feel free to Contact me and we can create a special deal that perfectly covers your needs.



Ideal for elopements or

exclusively ceremony recordings.

  • 5 hours of videography*

  • 3-4 minute highlight video

  • 1-camera video of the ceremony

  • these two videos will be delivered within 6 weeks**

  • free travel within 1 hr of Invercargill city ***






Ideal for most full-day weddings,

from getting ready to the first dance.

  • 8 hours of videography*

  • 5-6 minute highlight video

  • 2-camera video of your ceremony and speeches at the reception (one camera on a tripod stand (fixed angle without movement), the other is with the videographer)

  • all these 3 videos will be delivered within 5 weeks**

  • free travel within 1 hr of Invercargill city ***






This package offering the most services and film content, providing the best value for money.

  • 10 hours of videography*

  • with two videographers

  • 7-8 minute highlight video

  • 15 minute recap video of the entire day

  • 3-cam video of your ceremony and speeches at the reception

  • all these 4 videos will be delivered within 3 weeks**

  • free travel within 1 hr of Invercargill city ***




* Usually, 8 hours of filming covers the entire wedding day, starting with getting ready and ending with the first dance (typically from 12 to 8pm). Each additional hour is $140/hour. The first additional hour is free of charge. However, if more than one additional hour is needed, all the extra hours must be paid for.

** We strive to deliver the final movies as soon as possible. The delivery deadlines listed in the packages represent our final obligation to deliver the videos. If you require the videos to be delivered one week in advance of the listed deadline, a fee of $150 per week will be charged. We are unable to deliver the films earlier than a week due to quality considerations.

*** We based in Invercargill, travel within a one-hour radius of the city is included in every package. In Southland and Otago, for locations outside of this boundary, a fee of $60 per hour will be charged. For weddings taking place more than two hours from Invercargill, an additional fee of $140 will be charged for accommodation. We are available worldwide and happy to travel: contact us for planning bigger trips!

Services included in every package

1-hour consultation

I believe in the power of personal meetings; discussions over tea or coffee always lead to better moods. If this isn't possible, a video call can be very effective too - but you'll have to bring your own cup there then. :)

Free travel within 1 hr of Invercargill city

So a round trip could mean up to 2 hours of travel, which elsewhere would incur at least an additional $120 cost.

Online delivery

This is the most efficient way to deliver video content these days, allowing you to save and play back the finished films on any device.

Full customization

Would you like to add any additional services to the pre-designed package? Browse through the Add-Ons below!

Or perhaps the package includes things you don't need? Let us know at the booking what to remove, and you may get a better price!

bride and girl friends holding flowers

"We had an amazing experience with George! He was so easy to communicate with, everything he needed from us was super clear, comprehensive and easy! On the day of the wedding he was so lovely, nothing was a problem and he made us all feel so relaxed! Our footage was absolutely amazing, he got so many fantastic angles which really captured the essence of our day! Thank you again George, you are wonderful!"

Jenna Grant

young couple just married with a sea view

"George created the most incredible film of our wedding. He told the story of our day beautifully and we could not have wished for it to be any more perfect than it was. I would not hesitate in recommending George to anyone. Our day was so easy going and he added to this with calm persona. Nothing was a problem and he worked alongside us with such ease. Thank you so much George, what you have created is something we will treasure for a lifetime!!"

Brittany McAlister

couple and best friends near old cars

"George did a fantastic job with our wedding videos! He worked seamlessly throughout the day, everything went smoothly, and he did a very thorough job. Moreover, we received the videos much earlier than expected, which I especially appreciate! George's professionalism and attention to detail truly exceeded our expectations. Many thanks!"

Mitchell Abbs

Blueberry Cake

Add Ons

Most couples customize their packages to perfectly meet their needs. Below are some items that can be added to various packages.



Each extra minute can add significant value to a wedding film. We can show more emotions, more memories, and more details you would be missing out on. A longer video provides a lasting memory that can be treasured for years to come. However, we do not recommend having a longer highlight video than 10 minutes.



Including (an edited version of) vows and/or speeches in a wedding highlight video adds emotional depth and personalization, making it a more meaningful and memorable representation of the wedding day. They provide insight into the couple's relationship and the sentiments of their loved ones, making it a more complete and meaningful portrayal of the big day.


Multiple cameras mean more emotions, memories, and value for your wedding video. With one camera, you're limited to one perspective, but adding more cameras allows you to capture a wider range of shots and create a more dynamic and engaging video. For example, with two cameras, you can capture both the bride and groom's reactions as the bride walks down the aisle. With three cameras, you can also capture shots of the guests, decor, and other important details of the ceremony. We can record up to three cameras to make your special day unforgettable. (If you would prefer more cameras/angles, please Contact us!)



This 30 second highlight trailer is perfect for sharing your wedding film online via social media to show everyone what your wedding day was like.



Videos are delivered in full HD (1920x1080) format; however, if you would like to enjoy your highlight video on a bigger screen, we recommend choosing the 2.7K (2704x1520) option.



We strive to deliver the final movies as soon as possible. The delivery deadlines listed in the packages represent our final obligation to deliver the videos. If you require the films to be delivered one week in advance of the listed deadline, a fee of $150 per week will be charged. We are unable to deliver the videos earlier than a week due to quality considerations.

Wedding Table Setting
married couple photographed up in straw bales

"Awesome bloke to work with and he did a fantastic job of our wedding video. We're stoked with how the highlights video turned out - it's bloody epic!"

Ben McKerchar

groom with his wife in the background

"We were absolutely amazed with the work George done to capture our special wedding day. The highlighted video flowed so well and we couldn’t be happier. It was really nice to get our ceremony and speech videos just days after the wedding so we could relive the special moments again. Thanks again George!"

Mikala Gerken

girlfriends of the bride holding the groom on air

"If you would like a videographer that captures the best moments and memories of your event, George is your man! George and Kata are extremely friendly and so easy to work with, working with your photographers to encapsulate every little detail of your day. The professionalism of their work allows them to blend into your event like you wouldn’t know they’re there, capturing the stunning moments and sharing their experience and knowledge of what will make a beautiful lifelong memory for you. The final videos that George produces are incredible and leave you with cherished moments in time that you can share with your loved ones." 

Ben Lepore

Wedding Table Arrangements
Outdoor Wedding flowers

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